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PLEASE READ THE BELOW INFORMATION, IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS THAT ARE NOT ADDRESSED HERE, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL.    THANK YOU:)  I do not have phone service when I am out working which is most of the time, therefore, emailing will get quicker reply, we can always set up a phone time if you'd like to speak in person.  Also callers leaving messages, PLEASE speak slow and clear, and a little louder than normal, so I may understand.  I get many messages that I can't understand a word of message, therefore it is impossible for me to return call.  Thank U 

Puppy Price is $2000. Non-refundable Deposit is $500. ($520 if using paypal)  Shipping can be arranged for additional $450. (This includes airfare, insurance, new crate, bedding and vet certified health certificate required by airlines)

Once deposit is received or commitment made to reserve puppy, picture will be removed from website, thus puppies pictured are most always available, HOWEVER, do not place deposit until you contact Seminole via phone or email (preferred) to ensure puppy is available.

I do NOT accept deposits until puppies are born and pictures are placed on website at 2-4 weeks of age.   Deposits are accepted on a "first come" basis, and puppy selection is made at time of deposit.   When you place deposit, Please follow up with an email, with your name, address and phone number for my records. This is my system, and I ask that you respect my decision.  I do not blaspheme those who have different processes and it would be nice if they showed Seminole the same consideration.

Puppies are NOT held just because you inquire about a specific puppy. Those  choosing not to use paypal, may make a commitment and I will hold puppy for 3 days, pending receipt of deposit.  If deposit is not received within this timeframe, puppy will be placed back on available list.

Now let me address PICTURES.  Oh, Boy, this is a biggie!  I will send you updates and new pictures of your puppy every TWO weeks.  Puppies do not change much from day to day.  Pictures are a LOT of work and very time consuming,  If you would prefer a video of your puppy instead of pictures, that is an option also, you may make this known before it is time for picture to be taken.

It is imperative that you let me know by time your puppy is 6 weeks of age, your pick-up plans, (date and time). It takes some coordination to accomodate everyones schedule, as I try to do, however, a little cooperation on your part is always appreciated.  When required, I will try to meet you at the interstate with your puppy, this is done without charge, however, I will no longer travel to Lexington, VA, Charleston, WV, Roanoke, VA, etc without  charging a fee, as I have to pay help to come in and take care of puppies while I am gone.  These are multiple hour trips, and a fee of $200. will be charged to transport your puppy.    

If you need puppy shipped, then I need to know that when deposit is placed, and I will need information to make flight arrangements and for health certificate.  Name, address, phone number of person picking up at airport, and name of airport.  Also balance due and shipping fees should be paid at this 6 week timeframe. 

Visitors are NOT allowed in my facilities at no time. There was an incident recently here at Seminole that made me 100 percent  adamant about this! No exceptions, so don't even ask!  If this is a dealbreaker for you, then so be it.   The welfare and health of my puppies, as well as the  security and liability at Seminole is more important to me than your curiosity.  Viruses and diseases can be transported on shoes, clothes and hands, and transferred to puppies. Visitors are not allowed in nurseries in hospitals, nor are there allowed at Seminole.  If you want to visit your puppy after first vaccines at 5 weeks, you may do so in my home.    I have nothing to hide, I am checked regularly by the proper authorities and have never fell short,  30 years ago upon my first visit from the AKC representative to check Seminole, one of the first things he told me was to NEVER allow visitors in my facility.  He knew what he was talking about.

Puppies picked up here will be picked up at my home, I have absolutely no problem showing you the parents of your puppy, if they are here.  Many of my parents now live with family members and close friends as pets, and come to Seminole only to have whelp and raise their babies.   All puppies are produced by Seminole parents.  We do not broker others puppies, never have nor never will. 

Puppies need to be picked up by 8 weeks of age, you have several weeks to make arrangements to do this in a timely manner, it is not a "spur of the moment" decision, so have your plans in tact by 6 weeks of age, and share that plan with me. Please.  Those not picking up their puppy by weekend past the 8 week age will be charged a $20. per day fee, as well as charged for additional vaccines.  This is not to make money, it is to encourage you to make definite plans to pick up your puppy. Pickup is Monday through Friday 8AM through 2 PM. and Saturday 8-11 AM

Appointments will be made to pick up your puppy, and I encourage and insist you be on time.  With all the navigation tools available, it is relatively easy to estimate your time of travel, if you are traveling through heavily traffic areas, then it is necessary to allow extra time.  Same thing if I am meeting you with your puppy. 

We are very scheduled and time orientated here at Seminole with our jobs, please understand this. 

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