These are Seminole Sheepadoodles living with their beloved family, Kathy and Jeff.




We will be making some changes to website in coming weeks, please be patient as changes are incorporated.  Thank U.

Our love for the Sheepadoodle has prompted us to design their own Sheepadoodle website, for the much deserving and quickly becoming one of the most popular breeds.  Please bare with us, as we construct our Sheepadoodle Breeding Program in words and pictures.  Seminole Sheepadoodles were previously on with a segment for our gorgeous sheepadoodle puppies, however, we feel that our sheepadoodle puppies deserve their own website, thus we are giving them one.  So a little patience as we move back and forth between the two sites and get all our sheepadoodle information transferred.  At that time, we will delete all Sheepadoodle information from our RED Standard Poodle website.  As always, we thank you for your patience, and appreciate your loyalty to Seminole Kennels producing the Reddest of Red Standard Poodles, and the most gorgeous sheepadoodle puppies.

The sheepadoodle is fast becoming one of the most sought after dogs, because of their true love for people and their devotion to their human family.  The Sheepadoodles are very  intelligent, couple that with their desire to please, and you have a very easy to train best friend.  It is very important to start your training with your Sheepadoodle puppy the minute you get him/her home.  They need parimeters and rules and it is important to enforce these rules from the beginning.  A well behaved pet/companion is highly favored, and they don't just happen by accident.  They have to be trained.  Sheepadoodles, like all dogs, are creatures of habit, they learn by routine, persistence, and consistency. There is no such thing as an "untrainable" puppy, I believe this is a Ceasar Milan quote, but not sure about that, but it is a proven fact.  Any puppy can ben trained, and it does not take a skilled trainer.  (my thought) 

The sheepadoodle is a hybrid mix of the Old English Sheepdog and the Standard Poodle.  Being professional breeders with more than twenty-five years experience, we have been involved in every aspect of purebred dogs, including, breeding, showing, training of several different breeds.

The Sheepadoodle is our first and foremost Hybrid Mix, which we accidentally fell upon, and immediately developed a lasting, undying love for the sweet tempered, calm and lovable sheepadoodleSheepadoodles are extremely devoted to their human family, and their love and willingness to please people is totally unsurpassed.  

At this time, Seminole Sheepadoodles do not accept deposits in advance of having the Sheepadoodle puppies available.  We prefer that you see our Sheepoodle puppies that are available via pictures on our website, and make your choice from  Sheepadoodle puppies available. If you are not quite ready, and choose to be advised of available puppies for a different time frame, we will be happy to do so, and you will not be under absolutely no obligation to purchase one. 

This website will be a work in progress, as time permits we will post pictures of Sheepadoodle Puppies available, as well as parents of the Sheepadoodle Puppies.  So, keep checking back:)